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Blues at Bruins: Stanley Cup Final Game Seven Morning Open Thread

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It’s time to close the curtain on the 2018-2019 NHL season.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I know every kid dreams about playing in a game seven, and it’s cool that the Blues are using that for motivation, but we’re all just dreaming about winning a Stanley Cup.

They’ll be quite the distance from a sold out Enterprise Center watch party, a Busch Stadium watch party, and watch parties all over the country, but every single Blues fan is hoping for the same thing tonight - a rebound game to end all rebound games from a team that knows how to bounce back.

Sure, closing it out at home would’ve been perfect. Tonight is going to be difficult. Boston’s won a game seven before. Boston’s also lost the Stanley Cup at home in front of thousands to the Chicago Blackhawks.

That sting came more recently than the success of 2011.

This is your morning open thread. Share your deep breathing techniques here, check back later on for your preview and the for sure for sure last GameDay Thread of the season.

Regardless of what happens tonight, the off-season starts tomorrow. The hockey hangover from one of the weirdest, greatest seasons in Blues history will be a strong one. Let’s hope “Gloria” is there to get us through.