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St. Louis’ ambassador to the world Brett Hull had a very, very good day

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He may have won two Cups as a player, but it’s doubtful those celebrations came close to this.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Four Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After presumably going missing after the Blues’ victory Wednesday night, the Blues own Ambassador of Fun and guy that the Blues trot out when they need to close a business deal Brett Hull was located on Market Street this morning.

Brett was having fun. The Drunkest Man in America hasn’t slowed down much since the Stanley Cup Final began and he didn’t lighten up for the parade, either. At the start of the route, interviewed by Andy Strickland, he was still intelligible. Sure, it didn’t make any sense, but you could kind of get what he was going at. Maybe.

Hell, all I know is that this man was happy.

Poor Frank Cusamano:

That Mustang must’ve had a suitcase of Bud Light in the trunk, or a bottle or two of good whiskey, because by the time Brett made it to the podium for speeches at the rally, he was rocking a Rick Flair Drip shirt that featured a now immortal photograph of him flipping off the Bruins’ bench from game four. He was also rocking a BAC of about .50%

And with that, Brett Hull wandered off into the St. Louis afternoon, hopefully to the patient supervision of his wife or a very, very large bowl of pasta from somewhere on The Hill to soak up that alcohol. Have fun, Brett.