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Tired of buying Stanley Cup Champions merch yet?

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Nah. No way.

St Louis Blues Victory Parade & Rally Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Winning the Stanley Cup means being able to finally take part in one of hockey’s grandest traditions - the bald-faced squeezing of every possible nickel out of the nostalgia machine and blowing monthly budgets on trinkets and keepsakes that will give you the desired amount of dopamine as soon as they arrive to your home.

Good news! There’s more stuff to buy!

The fine people at FOCO, who call themselves “one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of apparel, toys, and accessories officially licensed by all the major sports leagues,” are offering a line of bobbleheads, slippers, scarves, and all sorts of stuff that you can load up on and distribute as gifts or keep for yourself.

Check them out on Twitter - @FOCOusa - or mosey on over to their shop here.

Hooray stuff!