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Blues to play Washington Capitals in their 2019 home opener

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The last two Stanley Cup champions face off in October.

NHL: Washington Capitals at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Five years ago, if you would’ve told someone that St. Louis’ 2019-2020 season home opener would involve two consecutive Stanley Cup winners in the Capitals and Blues, they would’ve had two reactions: one, “why do you think I care what the Blues’ 2019 home opener is going to be” and two, “can I have some of what you’re drinking.” The Capitals and Blues were two of the longest suffering franchises going into last season’s playoffs, and then the Caps won the 2018 Stanley Cup and Ovechkin started a two month bender. Maybe, just maybe, there’s hope, many Blues fans thought.

And lo, there was.

The Blues’ Stanley Cup banner raising should be a familiar site to the Capitals on October 2nd. Sure, it would’ve been nice to hoist it in front of the Chicago Blackhawks, but it’s nice to raise the banner in front of a franchise that can do exactly the same amount of trolling of us as we can of them.

You can lock in seats for the banner raising if you are a season ticket holder, get a season ticket plan, or sell your kidney in a cooler on Market Street. For those of you planning to come in from out of town, October 2nd is a Wednesday, so enjoy explaining to your boss why you need at least two days off in the middle of the week.