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2019 NHL Draft Day Two open thread: How to watch, draft order, and more

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Today’s the day when the Blues finally get on the board.

2019 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

Day two of the 2019 NHL Draft begins today at noon Central, and will be airing on NHL Network, TSN, and presumably as it has in years past. The Blues have four picks today, all coming at the end of their respective rounds:

62 overall in round two

93 overall in round three

155 in all in round five

217 overall in round seven (Mr. Irrelevant! May he be the next Patric Hornqvist)

Trades may also occur today, though as I mentioned yesterday in the open thread, the salary cap situation’s still a little up in the air for right now, so that may slow the market. There was only one trade last night between Philly and Arizona, and that was for draft positioning, so don’t expect another Schenn deal coming out of Doug Armstrong.

Trade news and brief draft pick analysis will be up as the day goes on, and Prospect Sunday is back tomorrow with a big wrap up of how the Blues did today. You could be forgiven for having your attention on the return of Albert Pujols, Day Two, so we’ll keep you up to date on hockey happenings over here.