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Book review: Glorious! from the Post-Dispatch is a quality keepsake of the Blues’ Stanley Cup championship

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Why buy national media commemorative issues when you can buy local?

Glorious: The St. Louis Blues’ Historic Quest for the 2019 Stanley Cup (127 pages, Triumph Books/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, available for purchase here) is a brief but enjoyable collection of articles and profiles from the Post-Dispatch’s stable of hockey writers that include Jim Thomas, Tom Timmermann, and Jeff Gordon. Packed with photographs from the Post-Dispatch’s cadre of sports photographers, the book is a tight account of the Blues climb from worst to first, but takes an interesting tactic in recounting that story.

After Jeff Gordon’s introduction/brief history of the Blues, the book doesn’t begin with the Blues’ series victory over the Winnipeg Jets like a reader would expect. Instead, it goes right to a recap by Jim Thomas of the Blues’ 4-2 game one loss in Boston, which begins with the sentence: “It is now 51 years and counting, but the Blues still haven’t won a game in the Stanley Cup Final.”

Ow, that stings, Stanley Cup victory or not.

Recap by recap, the book builds the expected crescendo to game seven’s victory and a concluding sentence that, when compared with Thomas’ opening one, packs a wallop.

The book then segues into interviews and player profiles on Alex Pietrangelo, David Perron (with obligatory photograph of Perron accosting a helmet-free Torey Krug), Ryan O’Reilly, Jordan Binnington, Doug Armstrong, Craig Berube, Laila Anderson, and Jaden Schwartrz. It then segues into recaps of the series against the Winnipeg Jets, Dallas Stars, and San Jose Sharks.

The one quibble I could have with the book is that it only includes profiles on five players - five key players, but still just five players nonetheless, and one of those players is not Vladimir Tarasenko. Tarasenko has been busy on and off of the ice for the playoffs for quite a few reasons, but it seems like a large oversight to not have the Blues’ most recognized player featured in a recap about the Blues’ Stanley Cup run.

Regardless on if it is missing Tarasenko or not, it’s still a nice hometown keepsake of the Blues’ incredible run to the Stanley Cup. You already know the quality of writing that you’re getting if you’re a loyal reader of the Post-Dispatch, and while the book is a collection, it’s a quality collection that is better to have on hand than a scroll bar and Google. The photography is first class

Sports Illustrated has a nice commemorative issue on newsstands now for a couple dollars less than this bound book, and it’s a little over half of the length of Glorious!. This is certainly the nicer investment, and while it’s not a full-on coffee table book with new, post-Cup reflections, it’ll be sitting on mine until one of those is published.