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Blues release 2019-2020 schedule

The Cup defense begins October 2nd

St Louis Blues v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The NHL’s 31 teams released their 2019-2020 schedules today, and the Blues have a few dates that you might not want to miss.

October 2nd is, of course, the raising of the Blues’ first Stanley Cup championship banner. They’ll be playing the Washington Capitals, they of the “regular season Eastern Conference Champions” banners and also the 2018 Stanley Cup. Having the two most recent Stanley Cup champions start the season off in St. Louis is a nice touch.

A few other things to look for - two road games in Nashville, one on November 25th and one on February 16th - are nicely timed for long holiday weekend travel. The Blues also rematch against the Bruins on October 26th and at the end of the season on April 2nd. Will David Backes be back as a member of the B’s or some other team? Let’s see how the GM of the year solves that mess of his own making.

Overall the Blues will be facing off against division rivals 26 times. Last season, they were a middling 12-9-5 against their own division, with a bulk of their success there coming during their second-half resurgence.

The Blues will have 17 weekend home games. The NHL will be releasing the national TV broadcast schedule shortly, so it’ll be interesting to see which of the Sunday afternoon home games make the NBC cut.

Break out your calendars and circle the games you’re travelling to. The full schedule is available here.