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Gallery: Blues fans celebrate game four of the Stanley Cup Final

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Do you have any photos you’d like to share?

Game four of the Stanley Cup Final was, by all measures, a success. The Blues evened the series up at two games a piece, the watch party didn’t get rained out with horrible thunderstorms, and the team pulled record broadcast numbers, with viewership higher than in Boston again.

Oh, and THIS awesomeness happened.

Overall, it was a pretty good night. We’d love to give you guys an opportunity to share your memories of the Blues’ first home Stanley Cup Final victory. Game five is Thursday night. We have some time to kill.

Here’s the view from the outdoor watch party last night. Thank goodness that the weather held, because it looks like a great time:

If you’d like to see your photos in the gallery, or if you have an Instagram video that you would like to see us embed, please hit us up at hildymacgt at gmail dot com.