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Hey Jon Hamm (and others), Come Tailgate With Us

The Game Time tailgate starts Sunday at noon

On Sunday night, the St. Louis Blues will do something they’ve never done in the history of the franchise - play a game in which, with a victory, they will be crowned Stanley Cup Champions.

On Sunday afternoon, St. Louis Blues fans will do something that they’ve done countless times in the history of the franchise - use the team as an inspiration to drink.

Even if you’re not a drinker, the official Game Time tailgate will be an excellent opportunity to meet a wide variety of Blues fans, play lawn games in the sun on some asphalt, stare longingly at the outside of the Enterprise Center, and try to figure out ways to talk over and over about things that we all feel we shouldn’t be saying out loud.

We’ll be located in the City Hall parking lot at the northeast corner of 14th and Clark. That’s the corner at which Game Time’s head vendor, Rich, posts up each night, and we’ll have papers for sale so you can read our angst and bad jokes, be informed about the game, and have a commemorative token if something something something. We’ll be out there starting at noon and lasting right up until game time (lowercase). Feel free to BYOB, and if you’re going to contribute to the #Shots4Goals cause, bring something blue.

I mention Jon Hamm in the headline because we’ve been reliably informed he’s a regular reader of both the website and the paper and because we have absolutely no shame about wanting to meet a hometown hero and a star of one of the greatest Hollywood masterpieces of the prestige age - Bridesmaids.

Jenna Fischer, you’re invited too. Chris Long? Hell yes. Scott Bakula? Leap on over, buddy. Eric Brewer? Eh, maybe.

Either way it breaks, Sunday will be a day unlike any St. Louis has ever seen. Take the opportunity to come enjoy it with your fellow Blues fans. You’ll be glad that you did.