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Bruins at Blues Stanley Cup Final Game Six All-Day Thread

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Oh, God, it’s here.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I saw someone suggest this on a post from yesterday, so why not! I’ve never done a game day thread at 8 in the morning. There’s a first time for everything.

Check back later on for some notes from the lead-up to Game Six, your preview, any other news, and the GameDay Thread a half hour before puck drop. There’s a lot of nervous energy right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re in St. Louis or at one of the many watch parties across North America tonight, Blues fans are feeling it. What “it” might be is really up to you. Are you nervous? Oddly calm? Cautiously optimistic? Are you still hanging on to 52 years worth of Blues Fatalism? Get it all out here. It’ll help.

Win or lose (but hopefully win), we’re all sad to see the last game this season finally come to Enterprise Center. This has been a hell of a year. I’ve never been more glad to be proven wrong in my life.

Game Time tailgate is in the City Hall lot across from Enterprise starting at noon. Buy a copy and tip your vendor well, go get some shots for goals, and regardless of if you have tickets for the game, are going to the big screen on Market Street, or are just watching it on a TV in a bar nearby (or far away), we’re glad to have you as part of the Game Time and St. Louis Blues family.

Let’s go get ourselves a Cup. Hopefully.