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Oops: STLToday’s online edition publishes Blues’ victory letter to fans

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How much does this bother your superstitious nature?

You know, sometimes accidents just happen - you get copy, and it goes out early. Someone misreads the publish date or someone just super quickly clicks publish, and there goes an unfinished story, or an ad, or whatever.

For sports fans, though, there’s a level of paranoia around these early publications that can’t be understated, especially when an early pub happens before a championship. Like, say, the day of a potential championship clinching win.

In their digital edition, STLToday did just that.

I’m not superstitious, but I decided not to read the letter because while not superstitious, I’m also not not superstitious.

An accident by the Post-Dispatch isn’t going to torpedo the Blues’ chances of winning tonight.