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Robby Fabbri’s contract is perfectly... eh

Fabbri signed a one year deal on Friday.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Robby Fabbri was one of nine restricted free agents that the Blues extended qualifying offers to; he was not eligible for arbitration. On Friday, the Blues announced that they signed Fabbri to a one-year deal worth just $900,000.

This season was supposed to be Fabbri’s bounce-back year. He missed a year and a half thanks to a torn ACL. He missed eleven games this season thanks to a separated shoulder in December. He only scored two goals and four assist in a paltry 32 games; in the playoffs, he had just one goal in ten games.

The Blues have an asset in Fabbri. Perhaps they saw last year as a hiccup, or a by-product of a player still trying to find his way back after injuries derailed his game. Perhaps they see in him a guy that they can package later on in a trade deal if things don’t work out - it does seem a little unreasonable at this point to wait for him to return to his 2015-2016 form.

The deal’s worth just $900,000. League minimum is $700,000. The contract’s $25,000 less than last year’s one year deal. The Blues are hell bound and determined to get something out of Fabbri at some point, and this deal’s one more shot at this. Fabbri’s spot in the line-up could go to Jordan Kyrou, but on the other hand, if the Blues keep the rest of the team together - and other than Pat Maroon, they probably will - Kyrou would be the odd man out like Fabbri more often than not was.

The Blues might as well let Kyrou develop a bit more and let the chips fall where they may with Fabbri.