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The Blues are Missouri’s official hockey team

Take that, St. Charles Chill! Oh, wait...

St Louis Blues Victory Parade & Rally Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The Missouri state legislature has been busy, first giving the Enterprise Center $70 million over 20 years for improvements. Presumably that will help get national and international events and concerts and such to downtown St. Louis, which means revenue and tax dollars and a boost to the local economy (hopefully).

A couple of days ago, Missouri governor Mike Parson added to the Blues’ recognition with an official proclamation.

So this adds the Blues to the list of official state designations, like official state flower (the hawthorn), bird (bluebird), and amphibian (American bullfrog). The whole list of state symbols is over at Wikipedia and it’s... it’s something. The state has an official invertebrate, and it’s delicious (it’s the crayfish).

The Blues being the official team in the state was probably a less difficult competition than official invertebrate. They’re the only professional team.

The St. Charles Chill had one year in 2013-2014. They were the very temporary replacement for the Missouri River Otters, who existed from 1999 to 2006. You can pull from Kansas City, where there’s the Kansas City Blades, that folded when the IHL died.

The Blues’ only competition as far as professional hockey goes are the Kansas City Mavericks of the ECHL. They were founded in 2009 and are currently the ECHL affiliate of the Calgary Flames. They were bumped in the first round of the playoffs by the Tulsa Oilers this year.

So, you have the Mavericks and you have the Blues. Kansas City has a NHL ready arena, but haven’t been able to wrangle an NHL team despite two expansions. The Blues have finally won a Stanley Cup.

I’m not saying that the Blues got this designation by default here, but... it’s a nice gesture and a fun nod to the success the team’s had this year. Now, if we could just get the Cardinals to be named Missouri’s official baseball team...

Just kidding, Royals fans. How about it goes to whoever leads the regular season head to head record?