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You have a day with the Stanley Cup: What do you do?

Time to play pretend.

St Louis Blues Victory Parade & Rally Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The Blues’ Day with the Cup has begun. This is, to me at least, one of the most fun aspects of being a fan of a Stanley Cup Champion. The parade is a blast, but it’s not personal. The Day with the Cup? That’s the personal touch and where you get to see what means the most to the players and coaches.

Yesterday, coach Craig Berube took the Cup to his hometown of Calahoo, Alberta. While visiting his family and the rest of the 84 residents of the small town, he had the opportunity to take the Cup to the house that he grew up in. Former Blues goaltender Glenn Hall, who lives near Calahoo, had a chance to stop by and congratulate Berube and the Blues in person.

Today, Colton Parayko had his turn with the Cup. Just down the road from Calahoo, Parayko headed to St. Albert to spend time with his family, his grandfather, and the memory of his grandmother. He also took the Cup to a local children’s hospital and hockey tournament:

So, here’s my question to you, dear readers: you have one day with the Cup and its chaperone. Where do you go? What do you do with it? Does it make it out of your day unscathed?