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A suggested Stanley Cup drink menu

Molly Bozak went with margaritas, and I support this 100%.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Seven Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The guys are still in the Summer of Stanley, and they’re working through their individual days with the trophy. Yesterday, the Bozaks took Stanley up to their lake house to spend some quality time with the family, and Tyler Bozak’s wife, Molly, introduced the world to the Cup-a-Rita (which I am sure Budweiser will now introduce as a new flavor of their sugar laced battery acid malt beverage line).

I mean, a dinner plate to salt the rim? I never would’ve thought of that, and I freaking love margaritas.

I love a lot of cold adult beverages, though, TBH. Watching this really made me take stock of what I’d drink out of the Cup. Margaritas are sticky, but delicious, and no one can be graceful when chugging anything out of the bowl of a 35 pound trophy, so all bets are off.

Here is my personal rec list, and please, everyone add yours in the comments.

  • Urban Chestnut Urban Underdog, because it’s summer and that’s a really good lighter lager
  • A nice brut rosé, because they’re dry and not super sweet but still really refreshing
  • An old fashioned, because whiskey
  • A manhattan, because whiskey
  • This peach party liquor, which is basically a peach slushie with moonshine
  • One of the rum punches from Peacemaker Lobster Bar
  • A frozen dark and stormy, because rum
  • An alcoholic Arnold Palmer with sweet tea vodka, because it’s the only kind of vodka I can tolerate
  • Whatever that mezcal and blueberry cocktail was from The Midwestern that I had like ten of
  • A Pimm’s Cup out of the ultimate pimp cup
  • A traditional daiquiri with just rum, simple syrup, and lime juice, because while I don’t care for most of Hemingway’s books, the man had amazing taste in liquor
  • Honestly, whatever is handy and cold at this point, because it’s the STANLEY CUP.