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Exclusive trailer - St. Louis Blues: 2019 Stanley Cup Champions Blu-Ray

Shhhh. No one spoil the ending.

One fun thing that the NHL does every season, is that they put together a championship Blu-Ray (or DVD) for the winning team that documents the push for the Stanley Cup. The Blues had a much more unique push than others, having to fight back from last place to win the whole thing.

On July 30th, NHL Original Productions and Cinedigm will release the St. Louis Blues: 2019 Stanley Cup Champions Blu-Ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital. Watching Alex Pietrangelo pick up that Cup never gets old.

If you would like to pre-order it, here’s the link. If you’d like to test your luck, watch the website for a contest where you’ll be able to win yourself a copy of your very own. Even in this day and age where we rely on the internet for so much of how we remember major events, it’s nice to have a keepsake that you’ll be able to hold on to that keeps its rewatchability.