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What would you include in a Blues welcome video?

Bust out the welcome wagon for a bandwagon

St Louis Blues Stanley Cup Champions Parade & Rally

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about the Blues’ recent season ticket sale boom. It turns out that winning the Stanley Cup is very, very good for a team’s business. Whooda thunk it?

There will be lots of returning fans, lots of casual fans who can finally justify a big purchase, and some new recruits filling the Enterprise Center next season. Friend of GT Anthony had an idea for the newbies: a welcome video.

It’s difficult to fit fifty one and a half seasons of disappointment (often in new and exciting ways!) into a five minute orientation film, and it’s next to impossible to convey the feelings that fans have had over that time. How do you teach a new person conditioning that you can only acquire through experience? How do you explain the freedom and release of finally seeing a captain of the team that you’ve loved your whole life lift the Stanley Cup?

Heck, people asked me if I was happy when I returned to work a few weeks ago and I couldn’t find words to convey how I felt. Just a “sure!” seemed disrespectful; a Tale of Two Cities length recitation of what the win means to me seemed excessive (not for me, but for their sake).

So, Game Time readers, if you had to make a welcome video for the new fan of the Blues, what do you put in it? What are the highest highs of the franchise and maybe some of the lowest lows to include? Let us know in the comments.