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The Blues and NHL debut the logo for the 2020 All-Star Game

The All-Star festivities arrive in St. Louis in January

The St. Louis Blues have introduced the logo to this year’s NHL All-Star Game, and it’s filled with St. Louis flair:

The trumpets are a nice call-back to both the city’s history as a music town and the 1990s second logo. The Arch is... we’re not ever going to get any sporting event logo to not incorporate it. The 2009 MLB All-Star game did it, this All-Star Game did it, the Winter Classic did it, The last time the Blues hosted an All-Star Game, which was in 1988, the logo wound up being this:

The improvements made in graphic design in the last three decades are remarkable.

The font reminds me a little bit of Nashville’s 2016 ASG, but maybe they’re trying to stick with a Central Division theme of loopy text.

The 2020 All- Star game weekend includes the NHL All-Star Skills on Friday, Jan. 24 and the NHL All-Star Game itself on Saturday, Jan. 25.