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Alex Pietrangelo is done with “Gloria”

Keep the song part of last season’s story.

NHL: JUN 15 St. Louis Blues Victory Parade Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There’s been only one question on the minds of most Blues fans this summer.

It has been clear for months that the roster for your 2019-20 defending Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues wasn’t going to change much. They didn’t make a noteworthy trade around the draft. They stayed out of the free agency frenzy.

Similarly, there wasn’t a lot of RFA drama. Sure, Joel Edmundson made it to arbitration (thank goodness for designated drivers), but he was coming back this season. On the other hand, Patrick Maroon never got a contract offer from the Blues before signing for one year and $900,000 in Tampa. Ivan Barbershev was at a car race on the first day of the KHL season, so he wasn’t leaving.

In other words, there was no drama, but Blues fans still had a burning question. I mean other than “when can I touch the Cup??!!!” And it’s a huge question. What are the Blues going to do about “Gloria?”

You know the story. You might have the word tattooed on you by now. Several players were at a private clubhouse in Philadelphia in early January watching football. During the commercials, folks yelled “Play Gloria!” And the whole joint danced. It was the theme song for the private club that participates in the big Philadelphia New Year’s parade. And it became the theme song for the Blues in the dressing room after victories.

And then the Blues started playing it in the arena after games. And then when the Blues advanced a round in the playoffs, radio stations would play it for 24 hours straight. It was inescapable. The Blues were everywhere. The song was everywhere. It has been burned into our brains even though most fans still don’t know all the words.

But it’s a new season. The Cup was last season. We’ve been critical of the Blues for sometimes taking a fresh idea — something that happened organically — and driving it into the ground. The Power Play Dance comes to mind. Fans singing a John Denver song after the music ended because of the faceoff is another. You know what I’m talking about.

“Gloria” was a phenomenon. Even though it represents a distinct moment in Blues history, there’s still a good chance they’re going to keep riding that horse, right? Well maybe the players have some thoughts. Maybe the captain of the Blues, Alex Pietrangelo, has an opinion. Maybe he thinks the Blues should put Gloria on a shelf after that banner goes to the rafters opening night.

Well we have an answer. Pietrangelo was on the Stalter and Rivers show on 101 ESPN Thursday afternoon.

The entire interview is below, but here’s the most important part (you know, beyond he’s been training hard and he’s ready to defend this thing):

“I think the song was perfect for that year,” Pietrangelo said. “And to be honest, I’ve heard that song enough. I don’t need to hear it again.”

Ok, Blues, listen up. You have one night to play it. It’s the first night of the regular season. Maybe while the banner is going up. Or during a montage or something. But then, that’s it. The players think it’s done. Judging by the reaction on Twitter Thursday, the fans want it to be done. Put it on the shelf and only dust off for reunion events.

Here’s the audio:

Former Blues defenseman Jamie Rivers has teamed up with Anthony Stalter on 101 ESPN for a new show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Central. They also had head coach Craig Berube on their Thursday show.