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PSA: It’s okay to dislike a jersey and not an entire hockey team

It’s not hate, folks...


Post Stanley Cup trophy victory, several sectors of St. Louis Blues nation still likes to spit bitter fire across the internet.

I’m not talking about the people who happened to dislike the retro jerseys that the team will wear in three of the 82 games this coming season; I’m pointing a finger at the people who can’t get over the fact that some people just don’t like the jersey or its mere existence.

These are the kind of people that if you happen to disagree with, they think of it as a call to arms, a burning of the crest, a legion of doom for all things sacred in the rich Blues history that resembled a bittersweet, teasing place to live just a few months ago.

This happens with every single announcement with this team in lieu of the Cup win. When the team announced ticket price increases, people lost their shit. You have an owner spending right up to the bare penny of the cap, keeping his word on promises, and he shouldn’t ask for a higher dollar after the franchise wins their first summer-long trip with Lord Stanley??? Huh?

When the team announced a clear bag policy, something several organizations enforce around the country, a load of people lost their shit again. So we can’t take 45 things into the Enterprise Center?! What?! Use the stuff before leaving home or the car, and stand at ease when the puck drops. But the ladies said, “you don’t need to carry all that stuff?!” Excuse me, when my wife goes to the game, she shoves her ID into my pocket and boom, nothing else required!

So when the team announced the retro look and some didn’t care for it, these people who love to complain got triggered. I quote-tweeted that the jerseys were terrible, ugly, and should be launched into outer space. It’s an opinion and it’s allowed. And then others tweeted their displeasure. Quickly, this was turned into “old man yells at jersey announcement” memes and reaction tweets from others blasting those who didn’t like the old threads.

The responses to my tweet were:

“Pump the brakes, brah.”

“Get out, Dan.”

“This is wrong, but we won’t hold it against you.”

“It’s Donald Trump account, and then yours when it comes to toxic Twitter acid.”

Okay, I made the last one up, but it’s actually not the worst part. Those are mere opinionated reactions to my reaction. It’s the people out there tweeting stuff like, “What’s the deal with the jersey hate? It’s just a jersey. Only 3 games out of the year.” These nauseating blasts make my blood boil.

PSA: It’s okay to dislike a jersey and not set fire to team spirit. You can dislike the look and that’s perfectly fine. Ask all the players deep down what they think ... I bet some would say they aren’t that great before the company line came rolling out of their teeth.

For one thing, the jersey reminds me of the premature Wayne Gretzky era in St. Louis. You know, that once in a lifetime amazing talent who took a flight in and a quick one out before the fan base could start to adore him. There’s red, blue, gold in there. Probably orange somewhere. It’s too much going on. It’s the product of someone who smoked too much weed and drank a lot of tequila while binge-watching an interpretative dance techno music video. They are fugly, fucking ugly!

But that’s me. My take. A few others. People like the esteemed Brian Stull didn’t care for them either.

If you do like them and own three of them stuffed in the back of your closet, please rock that shit this winter. Do it for the people who wish they had it at that rave they attended decades ago. Do it for the bold ones. Just don’t slam the people who think they are an abomination.

I won’t turn off the game because Alex Pietrangelo is wearing them. I will keep watching while mocking the design. My basic reaction is akin to any expression on Meryl Streep’s face during the entirety of The Devil Wears Prada.

It’s not slamming the team history, spirit, or general emotion. Just take a deep breath and remember the St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup champions! That will cure any butt-hurt symptoms.

Don’t block anyone over it. Don’t become outraged about a take that doesn’t match your own. This is 2019 in the world of social media of sports. If we can’t disagree, this place will turn into a library.

I’m sorry if you clicked on this article hoping for a wicked breakdown of Brayden Schenn’s first steps on the ice in a contract year, or Jordan Binnington’s walk into the new practice rink. I apologize to those wanting me to rethink my stance on Robby Fabbri or his weak knee. A introspective special on Jordan Kyrou’s chances of making the team. A redemption song for my rough Pat Maroon article in January.

This season is just getting warmed up, so let’s save those medium warm takes for later. Hockey is just about back, and will consume your life in no time.

How about those retro jerseys, though?!