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There will be a USA vs. Canada women’s three-on-three at the All-Star Game

The rivalry continues.

St Louis Blues v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

Much to the consternation of a select group of people on the internet who like to scream into the void about “things that make their life less better” (AKA assholes), the NHL’s making good on its promise to help grow the women’s sport. After Team USA won the gold medal at the 2018 Olympics by beating Team Canada in the shootout, they incorporated the ladies into the skills competition.

Apparently some of the guys yelling about this on-line feel threatened by the participation. I cannot imagine why.

It was fun, and since the NHL’s not letting the guys compete in the Olympics, the women are as close to successful medalists as we’re going to get.

This year, the NHL is turning it up a notch and introducing a three-on-three scrimmage between Team Canada and Team USA. Based on how much these two teams like each other (and how little the NHL’ers try during the All Star Weekend), this should be the most entertaining part of the game.

All of the women selected to play in 2020 NHL All Star weekend are national team players and part of the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association -- a group of some-200 players boycotting professional hockey this season, while waiting for a more sustainable pro league. There have been suggestions that the NHL should help form that league.

For anyone questioning the possible intensity of this match-up, I think a quick international play history lesson is in order. Take the Blues and Blackhawks and turn it up to eleven, and that’s the Canada/USA rivalry in women’s hockey. It’s been even more fun than usual because Team USA continues to win.

Hopefully Hockey’s Self-Chosen Gatekeepers won’t crap all over a solid attempt at showing that hockey really is for everyone and that playing like a girl isn’t an insult.