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2020 All-Star Game Jerseys: Pass or fail?

Yikes - stripes!

These are the jerseys for the 2020 NHL All-Star Game in St. Louis, and the best that I can say is that thank God there’s no neon or weird color scheme.

They’re just... shades of silver? And black? And white?

With striping that’s more zebra thanks to the color scheme than it is the musical staff that it claims to represent. The player’s team logo will feature on the front of the jersey in monochrome, not the NHL’s crest, so it makes the jerseys more of an alternate than an event jersey (save for the All-Star Game logo shoulder patch).

According to the NHL’s press release, the silver colors were inspired by the Gateway Arch.

Fans probably gave up a long time ago in expecting attractive All-Star jerseys, or jerseys that actually attempted to capture some flair of the home team or host city, but this is damned half-assed. Cool that a teeny Arch has been sewn into the neckline that no one can see. Super detail.

The jerseys would be a better fit if Los Angeles hosted, not St. Louis. The city’s flag colors being incorporated somehow into a jersey would at least make for a less drab affair. adidas wanted to go streamline, and they did, but these jerseys are some of the most dull that an All-Star game has seen in years.