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What direction can the Blues go when they go Reverse Retro?

The NHL and Adidas seem to be focused on the 90s with their newest jersey concept.

Mike Eagles #36

On Monday, beloved hockey design blog Icethetics leaked a couple examples of new jerseys for next season. The NHL’s being creative with their new fourth jersey cash grab: they’re going reverse retro!

What is Reverse Retro, might you ask? Well, they’re not third jerseys - those are original designs from the NHL teams. They’re not the Winter Classic or Stadium Series jerseys, either - the former of those usually go hard retro, like how the Blues’ Winter Classic jerseys harkened back to the 1960s. The Stadium Series jerseys have a cleaner, futuristic, large font design so that they’re easier to see when the ice is 1000 feet away from the closest seat.

These are retro inspired. The Penguins jersey, you may have noticed, looks familiar - it’s a white version of the Pens’ black road jerseys from the late 1990s that accompanied the Robo-Penguin logo change. White’s the opposite of black, so ta da! Reverse Retro!

The Flyers jersey, as Icethetics points out, is a version of the team’s 1980s roads, only instead of black lines and white shoulders, it’s white lines and black shoulders. Reverse Retro!

Most fans are clamoring for some Reverse Retro jerseys from the 1990s. Islanders fans, especially, actually want the Gorton’s Fisherman to make a return, and I can’t blame them. If the Blues do another 90s themed jersey, it’d accompany the return to the Clown Jersey from last season. That jersey was more than likely a one-season only deal, so the Blues wouldn’t be wearing the blue Clowns and the superior white Clowns next season. Making the Blues switch the blue and red in the clowns would make people’s eyes bleed and fry the screens of 4K TVs everywhere.

If the Blues want to go 90s retro again, how can they do it?

Might I suggest...

Via Ebay

It’s possibly worse than the original Blue clown jersey, but the garish colors would be a bit easier on the eyes than a red jersey would be.

What would you like the Blues to go with for their Reverse Retro? The early 80s seem to be an untapped era - would you like to see a different kind of nostalgia?