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Blues, Adidas release hint about upcoming Reverse Retro jersey

Shield your eyes.

St. Louis Blues v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, speculation about Adidas’ new Reverse Retro jerseys hit a fever pitch thanks to leaked Penguins and Flyers jerseys posted by Icethetics. At the time, I speculated that the Blues would do some variation on the Clown Jerseys - the mid-90s abominations that you either despise or you love, as evidenced from the special retro night games the Blues wore them for last year.

The franchise tends to return to them because they’re distinctive in their hideousness, but also because 90s nostalgia’s in right now, and more young-ish people have a soft spot for those jerseys than the early 90s ones, where red was just an accent color. I speculated that they would bring back the black clown jerseys that Starter sold, which at least gave the colors a chance to pop against a black background.

Oh, no. That would be but too simple. Red isn’t an accent color anymore. It’s the whole package.

The color scheme and date plus the fact that it looks like a still from an animated horror movie makes me think that this will be a Clown Jersey like no other.

Forget Bobo and Bozo. This went full Pennywise.

If you’re watching the game in 4K, you may want to turn your TV’s brightness down, because these will sear themselves right into it.

What do you thing - pass or fail?