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Is Jordan Binnington a top ten goaltender?

NHL Network thinks so.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-St. Louis Blues at Vancouver Canucks Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason, especially one with such uncertainty about when it will end, is a perfect time for some top ten lists. NHL Network always has entertaining ones every year, tweaking as needed. They released their top ten active goaltenders list, and smack in the middle is Blues starting goaltender Jordan Binnington:

All of these goaltenders had success in this year’s playoffs save for one: the one sitting at number five.

It’s hard to argue with Binnington’s success in 2019, but in 2020 he wasn’t even the best goaltender on his own team. That honor goes to Jake Allen, who began his off-season by being traded to the Montreal Canadiens.

The Blues are going all-in on Jordan Binnington based off of Stanley Cup success, mainly because they know that it’s difficult to judge a goaltender off of one “bad” season - they’re taking the average of two years to see what this year brings before signing (or not signing) Binnington to a contract extension.

If Binnington can prove that this top five ranking is legit - which is, admittedly, the furthest thing from his mind I am sure - then he’ll be in for a nice raise at the end of this contract. At the end of the day, this rating may be based off of cumulative success rather than a year’s performance. His playoff performance certainly didn’t factor into the ranking.

Next season’s playoff performance is what matters.