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Who do you support for president... of the St. Louis Blues?

Instead of a Mt. Rushmore, let’s look at some candidates that reflect your personal style.

NHL: Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you voted absentee, plopped your ballot in a drop box, or are still standing in line to ensure your vote counts, thank you for doing your civic duty today. Voting is important, and not just at a Federal level. State and local elections impact your daily lives as well, so get down there to the grassroots level and research your candidates.

For our once every four years patriotic tradition of presidential ballot punching, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different. Many media outlets take a “Mt. Rushmore” approach to ranking the most identifiable members of a team, from their historical past to their present incarnation. Sometimes those include fan favorites, sometimes they’re just a foursome of guys with all-time great stats at a few different positions. Once in a while, an owner or general manager who left an indelible mark on a team works their way onto those rankings as well.

The caveat here is that those Mt. Rushmores are written by people who aren’t fans of the team. Sometimes they completely miss the mark, and more often or not they spark up debates between fans that go from zero to presidential debate level of rancor in a heartbeat.

Instead of that, I wanted to give you an opportunity to give us your ideal presidential ballot - for the Blues. Choose two players that you feel best represent the team, and explain exactly why you chose them. They don’t have to be the greatest players ever to wear the note, they don’t have to be fan favorites - they don’t even have to have been here a while.

What does being a Blues fan mean to you, and what two players - president and vice president - demonstrate that the best?

My choices are two number fives: Bobby Plager for President and Barret Jackman for Vice-President. Why? Bobby, aside from being a cornerstone player during his years with the team, has stuck by the franchise for his entire life. He’s us - he’s too nervous to watch, pacing the circumference of whatever arena he’s in during every Blues playoff game. He’s got stories, he’ll talk to any fan, and he’s quite possibly the definition of someone who bleeds Blue.

Sir Jax is my VP choice because again, his dedication to the franchise was palpable, even while people used him as their whipping boy. He had early success winning the Calder Trophy out of nowhere, much like the Blues had their early successes. He hung around the league by being dependable, was a voice for leadership, and even during his brief stint with the Predators, you still knew that he’d come back home in some role.

Two of the flashiest players in team history? Nah. Two of the best? Depends on your interpretation. Two guys that I feel represent the team? Absolutely.

So, tell us in your comments - who’s got your vote for President?