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Alex Trebek, noted hockey fan, is being remembered by the NHL community

He may’ve been the most famous hockey fan of all.

Arizona Coyotes v Ottawa Senators Photo by Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

Nearly every NHL team’s found its way onto Jeopardy! once in a while, by no small reason thanks to Alex Trebek and his love of the game. Trebek, who recently was called upon to make the Ottawa Senators’ first round pick at this draft, passed away on Sunday at the age of 80 due to pancreatic cancer. He had been fighting the disease for a while, insisting that he had to make it because he had three years left on his Jeopardy! contract. Sadly, he did not - but fans across North America came together in a collective sigh and mourning.

The NHL and Gary Bettman went so far to release a statement on Trebek’s passing:

He was part of the NHL’s 100th Anniversary celebration in 2017, and outshone Snoop Dogg and Pat Sajak, which is not an easy task. As NBC Sports’ Sean Leahy pointed out, Trebek was the host of the 1993 NHL Awards, and he had some sick flow to show off:

The Blues have been featured on Jeopardy a few times. This question, from two years ago, was hyper specific:

Of course, earlier this year, the answer was a little more straightforward:

For millions, Trebek and Jeopardy! were more than a game show - they were a comforting presence on TV every night. Trebek was a brilliant host, compassionate and snarky, always witty, always present.

Inside and outside of the hockey community, he will be missed.