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Devils At Blues Recap - Blues Host Devils to a Barbie Party Shutout.

A Jordan Binnington shutout put a cap on a two goal night from Ivan Barbashev.

New Jersey Devils v St Louis Blues Photo by Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images

First Period -

No goals from either side. Devils’ starter Louis Domingue had to be on his game making some great stops. Alex Pietrangelo had one of the best chances for the Blues midway through the period. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the puck in the back of the net.

There was also a moment that the Blues had looked like they were going to get a power play. However, Steen’s helmet was knocked off of his head. Instead of skating off right away, or making an effort to retrieve the helmet he continued to play. However, it is a new rule this year that you will get penalized for playing without it.

In any event shots for the period were 13-6 in favor of the Blues.

0-0 after one.

Second Period -

Carl Gunnarsson fired a loose puck on net after the Devils failed to clear the puck out of the zone. Domingue gave up a rebound that Ivan Barbashev collected immediately. Barbashev then fired the puck back on net almost immediately and beat Domingue to give the home team the 1-0 lead. That’s number eight for Barbashev (because the one in Anaheim doesn’t count...yet) and an assist for Gunnarson. (5)

Shots in the second period were 11-5 in favor of the Blues.

1-0 after two.

Third Period -

Sammy Blais and Ivan Barbashev pass the puck around a little bit and Barbashev finished it off with a goal to make it 2-0 Blues. Oskar Sundqvist moved the puck up to Blais. Blais skated the puck into the zone. Blais passed the puck to Barbashev. Barbashev passed the puck back to Blais and Blais was able to hit Barbashev with a perfect pass. Barbashev beat Domingue with a quick shot. Number nine for Barbashev (Or ten. Look whatever NHL) with assists going to Blais (5) and Sundqvist (10).

Jaden Schwartz finally got one in the back of the net late in this one. Ryan O’Reilly won a puck battle in the corner. O’Reilly fired the puck towards the front of the net. Damon Severson went to clear the puck from in front of his goaltender. He ended up putting the puck right in Schwartz’s wheelhouse. Schwartz fired the puck back on net and scored. The goal was officially unassisted, but we’ll give a pat on the back to Severson on this one.

The Blues snap the losing streak and dominate the Devils in their 3-0 lead tonight. It was the 12th straight win against the Devils. Up next for the Blues is the Arizona Coyotes Thursday night.

Final shot totals - STL 39 NJD 17

Three Stars - 1) Barbashev 2) Binnington 3) Schwartz

Tweet Tweet...Tweet Tweet.

New Guy, New Number. I’m sure those Wade Redden fans will be very upset.

Chief Postgame Comments.

A few of newest sports team to hit the STL sports scene were in the house for the win tonight...KA KAW.


And just in case you didn’t get enough Barbie Party time.