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NHL FanPulse: Blues fan confidence dips in the middle of a losing streak

Wow, no way.

NHL: Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation’s NHL FanPulse has been tracking fan confidence in each of the league’s 31 teams (would you like for them to track your confidence? Sign up here!). The last time we looked at how you were feeling about the Blues, it was early in the team’s slump, so the Blues’ troubles weren’t reflected in the poll results.

The lates poll was asked last Wednesday, right after the Blues’ overtime loss to the Dallas Stars on February 8th. At this point in time, the Blues were 2-4-2 going back to January 15th, which is (I suppose) the agreed-upon start of the slump that the Blues have been going through. They’re now 3-7-3, so progress, I suppose.

To be specific, the dip was from 100% to 73%.

You want to know what can snap a fanbase out of a slide like this? A good old fashioned winning streak.

The Blues could very well have started one last night with their 3-0 win against the New Jersey Devils. Up next is a battle against the Arizona Coyotes Thursday night at home followed by a road game the next night against the Dallas Stars.

Nows as good of a time as any to turn this ship around. The Blues are still tops in the West by grace of the Hockey Gods. They could add to that lead in the coming week.