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NHL FanPulse: Blues fans are confident in the team’s direction

The Blues snapped their slump last night.

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation’s FanPulse is looking at how confident each fanbase feels about their home team, and let’s just say you guys feel pretty confident about the Blues.

This poll was given last week, so it was at the midpoint of the Blues’ slump. It should be interesting to see where fans lie next week when the poll comes out again.

To be honest, a good bit of this is optimism because the Blues won the Stanley Cup and then blew off even a hint of a Cup hangover, and a slump isn’t going to really change many minds about that. When you factor in a win like the Blues had last night, I’d say that this poll will be pretty unmoved.

This season hasn’t been perfect by any means but it’s been a lot better than last season at this point. It’s tough to be too down on a team that’s leading the Western Conference and the Central Division by a good margin. Let’s hope nothing happens to change you guys’ minds.