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What do we do now?

COVID-19 has thrown the sports world for a loop, and it’s trickled down to every aspect of it, including what you read.

St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The NHL and its fans are no strangers to work stoppages, unfortunately. We expect lockouts at least once a decade, but with those lockouts we know that we have other things to occupy our time with. We have minor league hockey or the KHL. We’d normally have the Cardinals spring training to over-analyze and worry about.

But we don’t here.

Every major sports league and the NCAA is shut down. The WHO and CDC are suggesting social distancing and self-isolation, which is easier said than done for some folks - people have to work, families have to be together. Schools in IL have been shut down through March 30th and I wouldn’t be shocked to see schools in MO follow that plan soon.

I’m trying to figure out how to teach AP classes from home and make sure the kids do the work without the accountability of face to face time, and many of you guys either are or will be trying to get your kids to complete work just like that.

Self-isolation is an introvert’s dream, we’ve been joking, and I freely admit I am that introvert. But we all - introverts and extroverts - need something to do to take our mind off of things and to keep our lives sane. I’m sure most of you have done your grocery store runs (thoughts and prayers) and liquor store runs last week, so that’s taken care of.

So what to do?

I’m trying to brainstorm for ideas here. Dan already put together a great list of hockey films to watch, and for the naysayers, Goon ABSOLUTELY belongs on that list (Goon 2 was perfectly cromulent). At the risk of sounding like Buzzfeed and crowdsourcing, I want to crowdsource your opinions. I’m not doing this because I’m too lazy to come up with specific listicles. Rather, I’m doing this because no one at this site or the rest of the Internet wants to read things like “Top ten Beatles albums to listen to under quarantine” and “What Elizabethan history books should be on your Amazon wishlist?”

Basically, my suggestions would suck.

So, what I’m asking of you guys is this - help out your fellow bored Blues fans. Post your recs in the comments here and I’ll try to cobble them together into some helpful lists for people who are tired of watching Frozen 2 for the 837th time.

Olaf is fine in small doses, but parents won’t be getting him in small doses this week. Think of your friends.

So, the things I’m looking for are:

  • Favorite films
  • Favorite albums
  • Podcast suggestions
  • Video game suggestions (they can be rated E for everyone or GTAV)
  • Book suggestions
  • Shows to binge suggestions (all nine seasons of Archer are up on Hulu, just as an FYI)
  • Random ways to keep yourself busy

Everyone please stay safe and healthy out there, follow the health professionals’ advice, and remember that this isn’t the flu. Don’t go licking your hand and rubbing them around on things in public.