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Blues at Flyers Not-a-Gameday-Thread: Who were the best Blues defensive defensemen?

No, there’s no game tonight. Sorry.

St Louis Blues v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

No, sorry, I didn’t mean to get anyone’s hopes up - there is no game tonight. We’re all still in a sports-free lockdown. I hope everyone is enjoying time with your families, your pets, and avoiding people.

Instead of a traditional GDT from here on out, HallPlante suggested over on our growing “what do I do now?” list (add your own!) that we do discussion threads with a different topic for the remaining games on the docket. Since the Blues would’ve been playing the Flyers tonight, I felt that it was appropriate to honor Bobby, Billy, and Barclay Plager - after all, the Blues inspired what would become the Broad Street Bullies.

So, for these threads we’re encouraging you guys to discuss it out: who do you think the team’s greatest defensive defenseman was? Why? Let’s see who can choose the most unsung of hockey’s unsung heroes.