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NHL FanPulse: Blues fans’ confidence was high before season’s suspension

Let’s hold onto that hope.

St. Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Debora Robinson/NHLI via Getty Images

The NHL’s suspended for the time being thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and no one knows when we’ll see the Blues next skate. That sucks.

What didn’t suck was their play before the suspension of the season. Granted, that loss to the Florida Panthers was a bit of a clunker, but after a poor showing in January and half of February, the Blues were picking up momentum for a playoff run, and the fans knew it. Here are the results of the latest NHL FanPulse poll:

There was just the teeniest bit of a downward drop, but not much. The team - and fan confidence - was in the midst of a nice rebound at the best time of the season.

It’s going to be hard to get that back, if they even need to get it back anytime soon, but I think we all have faith.

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Everyone be well and I hope you’re finding something to fill your suddenly hockey-free nights with.