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NHL Postpones Awards, Combine, and Draft

It’s hard to tell if this is to make room for playoffs or because of the virus,

2019 NHL Awards Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It’s difficult to know right now which postponements and cancellations are because of a feeling that the pandemic won’t be minimized, and which are because people are trying to have things happen as normal, just later.

The NHL announced today that this year’s combine, NHL Awards, and NHL Draft will be postponed. From the press release:

NEW YORK / TORONTO (March 25, 2020) - The National Hockey League today announced the postponements of the 2020 NHL Scouting Combine, the 2020 Bridgestone NHL Awards, and the 2020 NHL Draft, which were originally scheduled for June 1-6 in Buffalo, N.Y., June 18 in Las Vegas, and June 26-27 in Montreal, respectively, due to the ongoing uncertainty resulting from the coronavirus.

The location, timing and format of the 2020 NHL Draft (and Draft Lottery) will be announced when details are finalized.

With respect to the Bridgestone NHL Awards, the League looks forward to returning to Las Vegas in the future. Las Vegas has been the home of the Bridgestone NHL Awards since 2009.

That wording on the awards makes it sound like they will just be announced at the appropriate date, which should save us all from one of the most awkward awards shows on television.

It would be shocking if Montreal did not host the draft in some capacity, and likewise with Buffalo and the combine.

What we’re seeing here is some breathing room - either for the NHL’s operations or for COVID-19. Either way, we’re all going to have to be patient and play it by ear. Acts of God go your way only when your team wins the Stanley Cup.