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Kings at Blues Not-a-Gameday Thread: How’s everyone holding up?

Just a check-in.

NHL: OCT 24 Kings at Blues Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Of course, the biggest connection between the Blues and Los Angeles Kings is this guy:

What ever happened to him?

The Blues and Kings are connected in the history books, as well. For a quick YouTube search, you can find the Kings at Blues game from December 22th, 1996. What’s so special about that game? Other than it being supremely entertaining, this happened, and it happened with a hat trick:

How’s everyone holding up? I apparently have reached the “search YouTube for Brett Hull highlights” portion of my social distancing.

Don’t forget - your last chance to add your plans for isolation over here is Saturday - I’ll be creating the voting poll Sunday AM to see who the winner of the Louie and Fredbird bobblehead winds up being.