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John Kelly doing well after COVID-19 diagnosis

The Blues play-by-play announcer was diagnosed today.

NHL: JUN 15 St. Louis Blues Victory Parade Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On March 17th, John Kelly was tested for the novel coronavirus. Today, he was diagnosed.

You read that right, that was a ten day turnaround on a medical test. If you need any more proof as to how behind the numbers you’re seeing on television and the news are, here you go.

Anyone who traveled with Kelly too and from the Blues’ last game in Anaheim earlier this month were asked to self-quarantine and keep their eyes peeled for symptoms. Kelly and his family have been under a quarantine as well.

Kelly, in an interview with Chris Kerber courtesy of Blue Note Productions says “[t]he good news is, I feel great.”

He’s on the mend, but has some advice for people during the pandemic:

“This is a serious, serious situation for a lot of people and I think we all should listen to the experts, especially when it comes to quarantine. To listen and to stay quarantined and not take any chances at all with your health or the health of friends or, of course, strangers. The last thing I want to do is to give this virus to anyone else.”