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The Blues’ new victory celebration song is another blast from the past.

No one on the team existed when it came out save for Jay Bouwmeester.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Seven Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

If you watched the Blues’ reunion/work from home conference call Wednesday evening, you were in for a fun time of just some guys shooting the breeze and doing something that a lot of hockey players are loathe to do: show their personalities.

One way that the guys - and most teams - show their personalities is through whatever jam they decide to make the official locker room victory song. Most of the time these are fun and quirky and from recent memory. Not so for the Blues. Oh no.

Apparently the collective personality of this team is a teenager from 1985, which is appropriate, because few of us have seen Stranger Things than the Blues winning the Stanley Cup (sorry, I haven’t left my house in a month and bad jokes are a coping mechanism). “Gloria,” last year’s victory song, was released in March 1982. It absolutely permeated everything in St. Louis and even remotely related to hockey for the first half of 2019. It was unavoidable, and really, it’s the kind of earworm that you might not mind hearing. It’s everything great about the early half of the 1980s - it’s bubbly yet with a dark underbelly (what the hell is Gloria running from, anyway?), it’s got a shit-ton of synth, and it’s got a vocalist that can blow you away and blow your speakers.

The Blues new win song is pure mid-1980s excess and part of a trend that saw a lot of 80s stars try to have a recording career.

Vince Dunn revealed during the chat that the team’s new song is Eddie Murphy’s oft forgotten but still weirdly catchy 1985 track “Party All The Time.” Produced by Rick James, it inexplicably hit number two on the charts, driven by Murphy’s popularity as an actor.

The only player on the Blues who was alive when this came out was Jay Bouwmeester. He was about two years old, so I’m not sure what a big Eddie Murphy fan he was at the time, though I’m sure he discovered this song much later on like many did.

It’s not a super happy song - Murphy’s girlfriend keeps wanting to go out and mess around on him despite his best efforts - but there are worse songs from Murphy’s tenure as a singer to go with.

I think we can all be very thankful the Blues picked “Party All The Time” which is, despite everyone’s best efforts (or because of?) a classic instead of a different Murphy track: