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Sammy Blais signs two-year extension

The forward’s agent has made good use of his client’s time off.

St Louis Blues v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

While it seems that the world has come to a dead stop, especially the sports world (remember live sports? Those were fun) life has in fact moved forward. The players may be under quarantine through the end of April at least, but there are telephones and Zoom, and agents can work from home.

So can general managers.

The Blues signed forward Sammy Blais to a two year contract extension at a bargain bin price. The cost? $1.5 million AAV, and that’s it. How did Doug Armstrong swing that? Blais played just eleven games this season due to injury, hamstringing his bargaining ability.

Blais only has 20 points in 83 games, and a goal and two assists through the Blues’ playoff run last year, but he’s a dependable part of the team’s chemistry.

Whether Blais realizes it or not, this contract deal serves as a reminder for Blues fans that the business end of the sport is still very much active, and that there’s one contract in particular that most fans would like to see locked up very, very soon.