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Bruins at Blues Not-a-GameDay Thread: This would’ve been an explosive home finale

The last time the Bruins were in St. Louis they forced a game seven.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

The last time that the Blues had to deal with the Bruins in the Enterprise Center, the Stanley Cup was in the house and the Blues had a huge audience waiting to see Alex Pietrangelo lift it.

That did not end the way people wanted it to.

As disappointing as game six was, it set the stage for another night of watch parties and nail biting, and... well... we all know what happened.

The Bruins and Blues both were two of the top teams in the NHL right before the season was put on pause, and the odds of a post-season rematch weren’t exactly low.

Blues fans have waxed poetic about the Cup run recently, because we need entertainment and the NHL Network and the Blues have provided that in the form of retrospectives. Tonight would’ve been the mother of it all and the grand conclusion of the season for the fans at home (one game, a key game, against Colorado would come on Saturday).

Today should be the home Opening Day for the Cardinals and the home conclusion for the Blues. It should be a city-wide holiday where people blow off work and go drink a lot of beer. Instead, we’re being forced to stay home from work if we can and we’re still drinking a lot of beer.

But it’s ok to celebrate. Reflect on the Cup in the comments, miss sports, miss being part of the community. The world might be in a very weird place right now but there’s nothing wrong with being sad that we’re all missing out on what makes our city great - but we can still be hopeful that we’ll get another shot at it soon.