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Vince Dunn and Jordan Kyrou win $100,000 for charity

Who says video games won’t get you anywhere?

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Video games nowadays are a huge competitive business. Members of high school e-sports leagues can get college scholarships for gaming. There are professional Fortnite tournaments where the solo winners can get $3,000,00 as a grand prize. Three million dollars for playing a video game!

Yep, This is the greatest way to stick it to our parents’ generation. “You’ll never amount to anything playing those games!” “No one’ll ever pay you to play Super Mario Bros!” “Hand-eye coordination is not a real life skill!”

A group for whom hand-eye coordination is a very large life skill is, of course, hockey players. Across the league, players are participating in a NHL 20 esports competition through the month of May. Even Wayne Gretzky and Alexander Ovechkin played each other in a charity matchup that raised $40,000 for charity.

Video games: changing the world one tournament at a time.

Vince Dunn and Jordan Kyrou are both fans of Fortnite. If you’ve met anyone between the ages of ten and 30, you have probably heard of the battle royale game. The Twitch Rivals SuperGames started on April 13th, and featured celebrities and athletes streaming live on Twitch.

The $100,000 pot will be split four ways between the gamers’ charities of choice (the two Blues’ had two gamers help them out). Jake Walman also gave it a go, winning $2,000 for No Kid Hungry.

The next time you harp on a kid for playing too much Fortnite or whatever game they’re into, remember - they could be practicing to change the world.

Or maybe they’re just trying to avoid homework.