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Game Time readers: What’s YOUR favorite jersey?

Game Time readers have rifled through their closets and found some classics.

St. Louis Blues v Toronto Maple Leafs

It’s still jersey week on SB Nation, and yesterday I tossed out this question:

And wow, did I get the responses. Not everyone sent in a Blues jersey as a response, so Twitter got a chance to see some beauties like this:

And this, that I think many of you may not find as cool as the owner:

Old school is best school:

Sometimes you have to make some tweaks to get it perfect:

Some of you guys had a jersey tied into special memories of Blues history:

The hologram sticker’s still attached to this collector’s item:

Some folks have some serious throwbacks:

Even roller hockey represented - I, for one, believe this should be the Blues’ next third jersey:


Bozon is a good dude:

This is both awesome and somehow obscure. More people need to watch Youngblood. Great movie.

A lot of kids are smarter than we give them credit for:

And sometimes kids are forced to wear hideous clothes against their will:

We can’t help what players we love.

I really, really liked the Team North America sweaters:

Of course jersey fouls suck, if you can admit that they’re a foul:

We can’t help what players we love, pt. 2:

Naaaahhhhh, you don’t have to smudge it with sage. It’s fine.

And people say no one ever wins contests!

If I missed your tweet or you didn’t get one in, please share your personal favorite jerseys in the comments. They don’t even have to be Blues jerseys - just show them off. Mine?

I have two:

No shame on that second one.