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Buy a Blues face covering, help a good cause

Folks in communities around the nation need assistance.

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It’s not a bad idea to wear a face covering when you’re out in public right now. They help protect those around you in case you’re an asymptomatic carrier, and they communicate to other folks - especially at-risk populations who may not have much of a choice in going out - that you’re concerned about the health and well being of others. Other people wearing them communicate that to you, so hey, win/win, right? Any time we can limit the spread of any virus or bacteria is a net win on a ton of levels, and right now slowing the spread is key to boosting confidence so people can return to their daily lives.

What better way to boost confidence than by sporting a face covering with the reigning Stanley Cup Champions’ logo emblazoned on it?

Any proceeds from the affiliate sale of these through Game Time (12.5% per sale) will be donated to the St. Louis Area Foodbank to help local needy families,

NOTE: The NHL will donate its royalties from the purchase by the vendor to Feeding America (for US sales) and Food Banks Canada (for Canadian sales). The face coverings will ship by July 9.