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Bed. Food. Hockey... and a good cause.

It’s a simple life philosophy.

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You know what would look great with your St. Louis Blues face coverings? A t-shirt with the Blues’ new mantra of the day.

Vladimir Tarasenko said it first, and said it best:

Honestly, my first thought when I saw that was “that’s a damn good life philosophy.” My second thought was “wait, Tarasenko and I have the same life philosophy?”

We’re partnering with BreakingT for a good cause. Snag a Bed. Food. Hockey. shirt right here.

Just like with the face coverings we have up, we’ll be donating all proceeds from the sale of this shirt to the St. Louis Area Foodbank to help families in need during this tough time. Give your neighbors a hand, wear a cool shirt.

It’s a win-win.