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NHL releases the Stanley Cup Qualifiers schedule

Get ready for days and days of hockey.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re looking for something to fill your days with, might I suggest the NHL Qualifiers?

The NHL has done a respectable job of shepherding the return of professional hockey in the middle of a pandemic, so we are rewarded with days and days full of hockey. It’s going to be difficult to catch everything if you work during the day, but even if you do, your post-work evenings will be a full slate as well if you’ve decided to watch games that aren’t the Blues.

The NHL released their full schedule for the NHL Qualifiers, and it’s huge. To save you the time of hunting and pecking for the Blues’ round-robin games, they begin August 2nd against the Colorado Avalanche at 5:30 Central on NBCSN, then move to the Vegas Golden Knights on August 6th and close with the Dallas Stars on August 9th. Times and broadcast networks for the last two round-robin games have yet to be released.

On August 1st alone, five games are scheduled: Rangers vs. Hurricanes at 11 AM Central, Panthers at Islanders at 3 PM, and Canadiens at Penguins at 7 PM . The Blackhawks at Oilers game one is scheduled at 2 PM on NBC, so the league gets two of its biggest ratings draws and two of its biggest stars on national TV in one day. Concluding the day’s play are the Jets at Flames at 9:30, proving that someone’s going to get the late game.

The full schedule, broken down by day, is here - it’s a lot to go through, but if there’s a series other than the Blues’ appearances that you’re interested in, now’s the time to circle them on your calendar.