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Rivalry Week: A Haters Guide to The Blues Division Rivals.

The hate is strong for some. Others? Not so much.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hate is such a strong word. But when it comes to sports, there are just certain teams that you love to hate. It’s easy to do with the divisional opponents. Seeing them as much as all of us do. And then you add in meetings with these teams in the playoffs. It becomes pretty easy to hate any one of the teams listed below. Here is a guide to why maybe you should hate (or hate even more) any one of these teams. Or all of them.

Nashville Predators -

Why you should hate them - What the hell kind of nickname is “Smashville”? I mean do you have to be smashed 24/7 to enjoy hockey there? And the annoying fucking chants. We get it guys. You scored on the opposing goaltender. The big fucking foghorn that blows and red light that goes off already clued us in. Oh and the fact that you ruined a great Tim McGraw song. (You might not agree with that, but that’s just a personal one) Also can’t forget drinking good (?) beer out of a fish that you find at the bottom of dirty ass lakes and rivers. *Insert raising banner joke here*

A Rivalry Moment -

Chicago Blackhawks -

Why you should hate them - How much time do you have? Just kidding. By far the Blues biggest rival. While yes, the rivalry has lost some of its luster over the last few years...They still employ Patrick Kane. A guy that has a face that you just wanna punch like he was a cabbie. Duncan Keith and his “Wakey Wakey” bullshit. The St. Patrick’s Day Massacre. The Blackhawks kicking the shit out of the Blues in the standings for the longest of times. The fact that Chicago keeps thinking casserole is a pizza.

A Rivalry Moment - The man that the ‘Hawks drafted into the league was the man that finally broke the Blackhawks. Thank you Troy Brouwer.

Minnesota Wild -

Why you should hate them - No idea to be honest. Maybe you’re a hateful person. Or it might be because you can’t figure out what the hell Nordy is. (I know I can’t. I had to look up how to spell the mascots name.) They play in the same division. That’s really where this one ends.

A rivalry moment - The Blues and Jake Allen oust the Wild from the playoffs from a series ending goal from...Magnus Paajarvi.

Dallas Stars -

Why you should hate them - Brett Hull went to a division rival and won a Stanley Cup with them. No, that’s not a reason to hate them. That’s just a disturbing fact that I just had to point out. Jamie Benn is a good reason though. He just seems like an asshole. Also, what’s with all of the green? Just so much green. Cause when I think of Stars, the color green is the first thing that comes to mind.

A Rivalry Moment - Is it really gonna get better than this one?

Winnipeg Jets -

Why you should hate them - Patrik Laine. The guy looks like a goat. His facial hair is just the worst, and I’m thankful that the Blues knocked the Jets out of the playoffs. No one needed to see that grow out anymore than what it did. Or didn’t. (Never mind the fact that he scored five goals against the Blues once and has an insane amount of talent.) These guys aren’t even the Jets! All white isn’t a great look either. In fact it should’ve went away when NBC had Jeremy Roenick do it for a segment.

A Rivalry Moment -

Colorado Avalanche -

Why you should hate them - You know, I wish I could think of another reason other than Stan Kroenke. Do St. Louisians really need any other reason but that? Other than the Blues were denied a chance to play for the cup by these guys on the last day of the season a few years back. This one is kind of a snoozer when it comes to divisional rivalries. Their owner is shit. That’s all I got.

A Rivalry Moment -

Honorable Mention...Detroit Red Wings - Former Division Rival

Why you should hate them - The once almighty Red Wings haven’t been good in a REALLY long time. (You just hate to see it) But this rivalry was almost as big if not as big as the one with the Blackhawks. The playoff goal against the Blues that always seems to make it into the NHL playoff packages is probably one of the darkest moments in Blues history. (Thanks Keenan you asshole.) So honestly, fuck Detroit. Why? Because Fuck Detroit.

A Rivalry Moment -

Do you have a specific reason on why you hate one of these teams? Why do you hate a certain team? Let us know!