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Series Schedule for Blues vs. Canucks Released

Make some coffee.

St Louis Blues v Vancouver Canucks

The scheduled times for the first four games of the Stanley Cup playoffs have been released by the NHL. The Vancouver Canucks will be the Blues’ first round opponent thanks to the Blues drawing the fourth seed, and this will be a tough round for the Blues to get through. Not impossible, obviously, but the Canucks and Blues were evenly matched up during the regular season. This won’t be a quick one for St. Louis, and should be a fun one for fans to watch.

Just make sure that you guys have the timer on your coffeemakers set for the morning (or if you like to live extra dangerously, brew some for game night. Here’s the schedule, all times Central:

  • Game 1 - Wednesday, August 12th: 9:30PM, NBCSN
  • Game 2 - Friday, August 14th: 5:30PM, NBCSN
  • Game 3 - Sunday, August 16th: 9:30PM, NBCSN
  • Game 4 - Monday, August 17th: 9:30PM, NBCSN
  • Game 5 - Wednesday, August 19th: TBD
  • Game 6 - Friday, August 21st: TBD
  • Game 7 - Sunday, August 23rd: TBD

Get ready for a busy week.