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Mike Milbury really just needs to shut his mouth and go away, once and for all

If you have nothing good to say, just shut up

2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - Alumni Game Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

“Not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration.”

Mike Milbury takes a monthly shit on himself whenever he opens his mouth, whether that’s on social media or on any NBC telecast. But this one just takes the cake. A true bashing of women everywhere, the hard working family member who takes care of the kids while dad is off playing hockey.

Days after criticizing Tuukka Rask for leaving the bubble to be with his family, Milbury commented on the “terrific” setup for hockey players, digging an even bigger hole for himself in the public image department.

A department that has seen way too much of Milbury to begin with.

Whenever he opens his mouth, Milbury spits out garbage. This has been well-known for years.

Why use fan comments? Oh, haven’t you remembered, this is a fan-powered website. They are the audience-and a good one shouting the same exact message only makes a writer’s credibility stronger. It enlarges our voices and gives our words real firepower. Milbury is a drag on every broadcast, with his fellow “analysts” doing everything they can in order to deflect the attention off his comments.

The only good thing to come out of Milbury’s mouth came during the Winter Classic at Busch Stadium, where he said St. Louis had the best music and food. You’re damn right there, Mike. Everything else, you sit next to garbage in a role that a hundred better people could fill.

Here’s why I hate Milbury today, and I don’t often use the word “hate” much due to its ruthless intent. I know a lot of quality women who are in, attached to, or simply love this sport. Many of those women write for the website here and paper that was sold outside The Enterprise Center. Many of those women help run SB Nation, like the lovely Stephanie Driver. The fierce Laura Astorian runs this website. Hockey fans like Stephanie Michelle have a thing or two to say about the Blues, and it’s always warranted and welcome. There’s no dichotomy in sports adoration; it’s one blood, an admiration shared equally by all sexes. This is something that isn’t limited to hockey.

NBC needs to clean up their department of jackasses. Pierre McGuire can’t get out of his own way, especially when he’s broadcasting with FEMALE Olympic champions. Milbury simply never improves, acknowledges his wrongdoing, and continuously spits out nonsense. Yet, he still has a job, even if it may be in question for a few days following this week’s comments and backlash.

Another addition to a week where a baseball broadcaster, with great game heritage in his family history, blurted the most hateful batch of homophobia that I have ever heard on air. The only audience Milbury needs right now is his own conscience.

I could rage on for hours, but he isn’t worth the time. Milbury should finally be canned by NBC, but he probably won’t be. Maybe read and spread this article around and let’s start reminding the world that women aren’t just thankless souls holding the baby at home; they are also hardcore, well-spoken, badass, and truly exceptional hockey fans and analysts as well.