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At least put Adam Wainwright on the taxi squad

This whole NHL season is going to be weird, so why not?

NHL: Calgary Flames at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, the Blues signed Adam Wainwright.

Wait, no, that should read Cardinals. The Cardinals signed Adam Wainwright to a one year deal.

Waino, to his credit, took the flub in stride, openly campaigning for at the very least a spot on the Blues’ fourth line.

Thank you to whoever typed that chyron, for you are the one who gave Blues and Cardinals fans this video. Obviously they had the Blues on the mind, which makes sense since a) they’re the team that is playing right now and b) the team with the general manager actively working to fill gaps in talent.

Clearly, the Blues won’t be needing Adam Wainwright’s services this season, unless the Department of Player Safety continues to implicitly imply (I suppose that’s a thing) that it’s open season on Blues players. If that is the case, may I suggest putting Wainwright on the taxi squad, at the very least?

Sure, he’s no Tom Glavine, but I like his form, and I like his can-do attitude. He has some time to kill until pitchers and catchers report. Slap some skates on him and let’s see what he can do.