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Come play Cardinals trivia for a good cause with your favorite local sportswriters

Game Time’s looking to put together a trivia team.

Vancouver Canucks v St Louis Blues Photo by Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images

If there are two things St. Louisans like, it’s trivia and baseball. We’re still in a pandemic, so many trivia nights have been adjusted to fit the new virtual format that much of our world has adapted for. The silver lining of this means that tournaments can be opened up to more participants, and you don’t have to be in St. Louis to participate in STL trivia nights with your friends.

The bigger the tournament, the bigger the prizes. The bigger the tournament, the more money you can raise - which is perfect if you’re organizing a charitable tournament.

We here at St. Louis Game Time enjoy a good opportunity to participate in raising some cash for charity, You, our readers, have helped raise several hundred dollars for the St. Louis Area Food Bank among others. This is a chance for all of us to raise even more for the St. Louis chapter of the BBWAA Baseball Writers’ annual scholarship fund. More information about the chapter’s charitable work can be found here:

The St. Louis BBWAA Charitable Foundation... makes annual contributions to the Bob Broeg Scholarship and the Jack Buck Award at the University of Missouri at Columbia Gannett School of Journalism, the Bob Burnes Scholarship at the Saint Louis University Journalism School and financial support to awards presented by The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis.

To support their scholarship funds, BBWAA writers including Benjamin Hochman (who was kind enough to reach out to us about the trivia night over Twitter), Derrick Goold, BenFred, Rick Hummel, Randy Karraker, Katie Woo, Jeff Jones, Zach Silver and Brenden Schaeffer will MC a Cardinals Trivia Night on Friday, November 5, 2021 at 7:00. To enter the competition, teams need to raise $200 with a max team size of eight.

Most of us here are Cardinals fans as well as Blues fans, and most of us are competitive as heck. If you would be interested in participating for a night of fun, please shoot me an e-mail at hildymacgt at gmail dot com for payment information. I’m responsible for paying the entry fee for the entire team at once.

The tournament is not scheduled on a Blues’ game day, so your best excuse to not play is right out the window. Let’s give Game Time a good showing!