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Kings/Blues Recap - Big Bad Vladdy Daddy.

A shutout for Ville Husso + a two goal game from Vladimir Tarasenko = 5-0-0 for the first time in franchise history.

Los Angeles Kings v St Louis Blues Photo by Joe Puetz/NHLI via Getty Images

Third Period Highlights -

The Blues had a good first period. The Kings came out and had a good second period. This game came down to whichever team could win the third. Vladimir Tarasenko was gonna have a great third period. A little over three minutes in 91 gave the Blues a 1-0 lead. Torey Krug fed Tarasenko with a cross ice pass. Tarasenko skated the puck into the zone. Tarasenko then went all NHL 22 on Mikey Anderson leaving him behind. No chance Jonathan Quick is gonna stop that roof shot either.

Ivan Barbashev collected a loose puck in his defensive zone. Barbashev then made an absolutely perfect pass to Tarasenko. Tarasenko was wide open on a breakaway chance. Like Vladdy’s last shot Quick wasn’t catching this one either. 2-0 Tarasenko and 2-0 Blues.

It’s a good thing David Perron told the ref “bank” on this empty netter to seal it. It wouldn’t have counted if he hadn’t. Just kidding.

Husso shuts out the Kings with a 34 save performance. The Blues win their fifth straight and go 5-0-0 for the first time in franchise history. Up next for the Blues is the Avalanche Thursday night.

Three Stars -

Robert Thomas/Ville Husso/Vladimir Tarasenko

Twitterville -

91 looked pretty happy after owning that third period. And Husso looked great from start to finish tonight.

I hope he stays at that level. Here.

It’s been real nice hearing an actual crowd at hockey games again.


Also huh.

And finally.